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    Custom Swear Filter 0.2 (15/06/10)


    As requested in a topic here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=424

    Plugin Description:

    As of the release of the next BC2 patch, we will have the option to turn of the overly restrictive ingame swear filter. While my clan intends to do this, we still do not allow racism on our servers and needed a system to automatically deal with this.

    The plugin allows for a custom list of words which when typed by a player will result in either a kick or a ban (for a user-defined number of hours)

    Installation: extract the contents on the .zip to your 'plugins' folder within procon.


    0.1 Basic, banned words only
    0.2 Current version, control over kicks/bans and word list

    TO DO:

    Add options for perma bans
    Add multiple word lists, with different actions for each
    Add an incremental warnings prior to action

    Edit: Have applied this to the =SM= servers and tested, everything seems to be working as intended.

    Any questions/complaints/cookies send them to [email protected]



    p.s. now give me my garish orange tags! :P

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    Re: Custom Swear Filter 0.2 (15/06/10)

    Nice one...

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    Re: Custom Swear Filter 0.2 (15/06/10)

    Great plugin,
    but is it possible this plugin would not match case-sensitive?
    Now I have to put in all words multiple times.
    I won't do support via PM: if you need help, make a topic on the public forums.

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    Re: Custom Swear Filter 0.2 (15/06/10)

    Any chance you could create a version where the user could create custom word replacement. For instance if the admin wishes to restrict certain profane words in their native tongue. Or perhaps replace others like someone types sniper but it gets replaced with wookie...

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    Re: Custom Swear Filter 0.2 (15/06/10)

    would be cool if one of the punishments was total chat filtering for a set amount of time, for those people who suck and can do nothing but whine constantly and call everyone that kills them a hacker. The messages the person sends could then be replaced by "[User timed-out for 10 minutes for spamming]" or whatever. Thanks!



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