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    BF4 Plugin

    Just a question, in BF3 along time ago I came across a thread about a plugin that would come in very handy for BF4 currently. I have been trying to find it again and have had no such luck, cannot remember name. Lets see if I can describe what I am looking for and maybe someone can help!

    We currently have multiple servers that our players idle to get going in the morning, the main problem with that is we are kicked very quickly if we just idle unless kick is set to zero. This is a nice feature until your server gets to max population and you have 5-10 members sitting idle, that frustrates people. SOOOO to my question

    Is there any type of plugin we can run that would allow idlers to sit by until a set [maximum] number of players arrive in the server. (Lets use 54 for this number). At the time the server would be 54 players with 10 idlers, then it reaches player number of 55, 1 of the 10 idlers sitting for longer than 5 minutes would be kicked, and again making the server population now 54 players with 9 idlers. This would continue to happen if/when each time the player count jumps above your maximum number you have set [you could set it to whatever you wanted]. This kept the player count high, until the population was completely full then all Idlers would be gone.

    This would be a great server tool any community with servers, let me know if anyone knows of a plugin like or close to this. I have been looking and have found notta!


    **EDIT.. may have just been a thread about someone asking about a plugin like this. Not sure :/
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    I think you are looking for this one

    But at the moment with BF4 server version R10 there is only a maximum idle time of 300 secs allowed...

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    Looks pretty close, lets hope it works very soon! Thanks!!!!

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    In theory, the plugin *probably* works already with BF4. The problem is that BF4 servers don't let you stay online long enough to really find out or for the plugin to have any usefulness. When/If they allow indefinite idling again I *think* you can probably just turn on the plugin and let it run.
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