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    BF4 disabling commanders doesn't work?

    This evening we tried to disable the commanders on our servers.
    The servers were both fully populated when we tried this.

    After unchecking "Commander" under the server configuration settings, in the console it says OK.

    In battlelog, the servers still accepts commanders and when we restart procon, "Commander" is checked again.

    What do we have to do to disable the commanders on our servers?

    Do we really need to change the startup.txt and reboot the servers?

    These are our servers:

    ================================================== ===========================

    Just updated the procon layer server to and the option now works
    But disabling the commanders makes the preset go custom?
    Does anyone have an solution for this?
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    let me guess, running in official mode?

    you can't disable commanders in official mode

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    As long as there's at least one commander playing on the server, you can not disable the commander slots. You should also better disable it via startup.txt.
    When you use preset "normal" mode and you disable the commander, server will switch to "custom".
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    Or put a TDM map in your rotation and it will disable it for them all and still keep the preset

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    Have the same problem with our Rush server. When it is SQDM we dont have the problem. I really would like to see RUSH on HC with commander of. (no custom)

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    Thx Guys!

    Found out that ProCon doesnt apply the settings correctly.
    Version does so we were able to disable the commanders.
    And indeed the preset went custom.
    I'll discuss the option of adding a TDM map to the roulation while it's an 64p conquest server only.
    Maybe 64p TDM locker is a good idea :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by k4n30 View Post
    Or put a TDM map in your rotation and it will disable it for them all and still keep the preset



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