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    BF4 statspage/serverstats service.

    Hi guys, just want to know if someone here is already using this kind of server/stat page service called GAMEME for their server.

    Here's their page

    It completely tracks/logs weapons,maps,players,graphs, etc. It's like XPkillers plugin but this one automatically creates the statpage for you.

    Anyone tried it? Need your feedbacks. thanks

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    I believe Oscarmike servers are using it:

    I remember them using it in Battlefield 3 as well, so they must be happy.
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    I've used it since bf3 and I love it. Not perfect (ban manager doesn't work with battlefield game) but it's pretty nice.

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    Implementing GameMe on our servers again from 1/12. Had it on BF3 and had a demand from the community to bring it back for BF4

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    Wow... really a nice statpage thanks for the link guys gonna implement this on my server. thanks

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    We use GameME for all our servers. It's pretty nice, but for Battlefield games, it strictly focuses on kills/deaths and doesn't have any stats based on team/squad score. This is limited by the BF4 rcon protocol, and not something that GameME limits. As a FYI, in order to use the system, you have to provide them with your rcon password, so if you're not comfortable floating that out there, it may not be for you.

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    There are XLRstats (plugin for Big Brother Bot)

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    i think these services are too expensive.



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