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    Hi everyone,

    Is there a limit to the amount of characters or reasons that can be used?

    We've recently edited the reasons.txt file but the layer drop down menu reverts to default reasons.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You edited the file on the layer and restarted the layer?

    I wonder if the reasons are client side and you have to edit the reasons.txt on your own computer. I am not sure.

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    Yes, the layer reasons.txt was edited and layer was restarted.

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    Reasons are client side I think

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    Hmmm. Ok. I'll try plan b then. If it works I'll role it out to admins. I'll post back here my findings.

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    reason.txt has to be edited locally. There is no distribution of the content of that file down the layer connections.


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    Hi Phil,

    I pasted this into my local an now procon won't load.

    procon.protected.reasons.add "Kicked: Intentional team wounding/ killing, refusing to stop"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Kicked: Taking advantage of a game bug and refusing to stop"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Kicked: Rude to admins"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Kicked: Spamming mic and refusing to stop"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Kicked: Refusing to stop wasting your teams assets"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Kicked: Slot requested by regular member in"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Kicked: Not following an admin's order"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Kicked: Team balance: Refusing to leave and confirmed to be dominating by admins"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Ban: Being too aggressive to an admin"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Ban: Racism. Zero tolerance to racism. Feel free to appeal"
    procon.protected.reasons.add "Ban: Clearly Hacking/Cheating. Confirmed by admins. Feel free to appeal"

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    Confirmed. Thanks guys. The reason.txt must be edited on the client install. Thanks



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