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    What are minimun hardcore settings?

    I did search for this before I posted. The community here has been very helpful since this is my first time running a server on my own. I was wondering what the minimum requirements are for keeping your server listed as hardcore. It seems ff on, squad leader spawn on and hit markers off. Our server has been listed as custom on server filters which doesn't allow a lot of traffic. These are the two we want to change btw . When I set it to hardcore it turns squad leader spawn on and hit markers off. When I reverse these it list custom. So I send the command pb_sv_task 0 -1 vars.preset "hardcore" which turns it hardcore in filters again but reverses those settings to squad leader spawn on and hit markers off. Any way to to switch them and keep the hardcore filter listing?

    I have seen some servers with squad leader spawn off and still listed as hardcore.
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    Short and painless: No.

    Setting up the HC preset will change that settings you want.



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