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    Exclamation BF4 - vars.idleTimeout doesn't work properly

    This is how it looks in my startup.txt:
    vars.idleTimeout 0
    As you can see it is set to 0, but when the server starts, it is back to 300, and only by using procon it is possible to switch it to 0. This variable response for kicking idle players. And it is working only for respawned players.
    So even if you manually will turn it to 0, a game will anyway kick idle players which is not respawned.

    So it seems there are two kind of idle players:
    - Respawned
    - Not respawned

    So when the server started, we could see in the server browser next picture:
    Keep in mind that we've got idleTimout set to 0, so when we will launch procon and press to "Disable Idle Kick", and after look to the server browser, we will see next picture:
    As you can see it is now magically has changed to 225, where that comes from? Have no idea, can't find anything about it in server management files.
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    You might want to read the BF4 Known Issues post:
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