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    Exclamation BF4 - server seems to ignore vars.roundLockdownCountdown

    Hello guys.
    There is always a problem when the map is loaded and players begun to play. I talk about the problem, when some players loading faster than the others, is there any way to freeze the battle for some seconds, like 30 seconds? And when these seconds are gone, let the fight begin.
    I was trying to setup Lockdown Countdown, but I don't see any effect after use it.
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    Did you read the documentation?
    Quote Originally Posted by R7 docu
    Allowed durations are between 15 and 30 seconds for ranked servers, and between 10 and 900 seconds for unranked servers. If the value gets clamped during a set operation, then the clamped value is returned as part of the response.
    There is also a discussion about that going on here somewhere and/or in the fpsadmin forum.


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    The line in my Startup.txt:
    vars.roundLockdownCountdown 30
    It doesn't work, don't know why.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil_K View Post
    There is also a discussion about that going on here somewhere and/or in the fpsadmin forum.
    Sorry, can't find anything usefull about that here and in fpsadmin forums.

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    What type and preset is your BF4 server running?
    It's thinkable that you can't override it while official and/or that it is overwritten by a preset.


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    Server type is RANKED. This is my server configuration:
    admin.password ""
    vars.serverName "RUSH server"
    vars.serverDescription ""
    vars.bannerUrl ""
    vars.friendlyFire false
    vars.idleTimeout 0
    vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1
    vars.autoBalance true
    vars.killCam true
    vars.miniMap true
    vars.3dSpotting true
    vars.miniMapSpotting true
    vars.3pCam true
    vars.maxPlayers 0
    vars.idleBanRounds 0
    vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true
    vars.bulletDamage 100
    vars.nameTag true
    vars.regenerateHealth true
    vars.roundRestartPlayerCount -1
    vars.roundStartPlayerCount 4
    vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false
    vars.unlockMode "stats"
    vars.soldierHealth 100
    vars.hud true
    vars.playerManDownTime 100
    vars.playerRespawnTime 100
    vars.gameModeCounter 100
    vars.serverMessage ""
    vars.roundLockdownCountdown 30
    vars.roundWarmupTimeout 600
    vars.maxSpectators 0
    vars.hitIndicatorsEnabled true
    vars.serverType "RANKED"
    vars.commander false
    vars.teamKillCountForKick 6
    vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 100
    reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin true

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    Is anyone else have tested here roundLockdownCountdown variable?
    I'm asking, because now I'm started to argue with support, about aptitude of this variable.

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    tested on official/normal server. Didnt work, not going to try again until after today's patch. It is quite important as rush and obliteration games can get off to a bad start if more players on one team have SSDs

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    Okay so when I set it to 30 on a Ranked Normal server it does work but the countdown starts during the intermission or map loading so even with my SSD I only sometimes see the end of the countdown (about 3-5 seconds). If I try to set it higher than 30 then the Ranked normal preset forces it to 30.

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    Any ideas on this? Would be nice on rush, sometimes the first A + B bombs are already planted before the half of the team is loaded.



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