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    [s]I'm new to being a PC server admin and procon specifically. I am having trouble installing this plugin. In the instructions on metabans it says drag and drop the files (inc folder structure) into the plugins directory. So does this mean the folder titled "plugins" and its directory into the "plugins" folder on my ftp? Because this does not work and the plugin does not appear in the plugins list in procon client. Unless I am doing something wrong. The alternative I have now tried is to move the .cs file from say BF4 in the metabans download to the BF4 folder in the plugins directory on the FTP and local procon directory but this also is not working.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.[/s]

    Problem solved. Was issue with server provider.
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    Metabans also works with Battlefield Hardline.
    All you need to do is download and install the updated plugin on your Procon (Layer).

    You can download the new version (v1.1.0.0) below this post.

    This new version also adds a new feature:
    You now can choose to disable the ban / kick notifications in the ingame chat.

    The player who gets kicked will still see the "Metabans ban message", but the enforced kick will not be displayed in chat any longer when the option "Announce Bans" is set to "No".

    We urge all of our members (even when you don't have a Hardline server) to update to this new version, as the old plugin (v will be blocked after 7 days.
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    Thread updated with correct information Please see first post.

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    I still can't find v1.1.0.0

    My Bad.. I was loading Cache!

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    Do I need to buy the API Key?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Level View Post
    Do I need to buy the API Key?

    yes 2 euros per month

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    Would it be better to use this plugin than the functionality within AdKats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phractal View Post
    Would it be better to use this plugin than the functionality within AdKats?
    All AdKats does is post/update/remove information for the bans you issue, it does not include any of the other functionality.

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    Hello, is there a posibility to somehow extract data from pbbans/ggc stream .xml file (rss feed) and send them to metabans account via some tool? I am really interested in making this.
    Any help appreciated. Thanks!

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    Would you happen to have a better keyword mb list than the default one which is

    im sure there are many kinds of hacks, is there a better more defined listing?
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