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    Quote Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner View Post
    Ah, you're using maplist manipulation as a way to bypass the mandate DICE added to keep servers at the same player count after startup. They added that to stop admins from doing this because players who joined the server for one thing would end up playing something else and get angry.

    You probably would need a list of excluded maps in the plugin to make that manipulation work.
    Yes, if I can not get insane limits to reload or set another map if that map comes up?
    Yes, it is hard to populate a 32 server now I hope this will make it a bit easier.

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    i have extracted the file into my pro-con but it is not showing up any help would be nice please and thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deathday69 View Post
    i have extracted the file into my pro-con but it is not showing up any help would be nice please and thank you.
    Did you only extract the .cs file? This plugin and a few others need to have the entire plugins directory in their zip files pasted over your plugins directory in procon.

    Look in the xVoteMap.cs file you have on your layer, it likely only has 1 tiny line in it.

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    Hi, I have a question about votemap with only 2 CQ small maps- Locker and Metro
    Can I use and if I can use this plugin, how I can achieve this... 2 weeks I can't find any plugin
    to manage my (only 2) CQ-small maps - I mean votemap between always thease 2 maps....

    If someone have any ideas I will very appreciate any help!

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    Hi all,
    the plugin starts at CTF and SQDM/TDM the vote too early (i think it takes the setting for Rush). Is there any enhancement?
    Is the forum section "Plugin enhancement" also for requests?
    I would also set instead, it looks like, calculate at how fast tickets are dropping, just starting votemap at fixed tickets: Start at 200 tickets at conquest till 10 tickets before end; Assault/Rush after a specific time; CTF 5-7 minutes before end; SQDM and TDM also at specific tickets. In CTF for example its irritating that votemap starts so early, because the start is often important at that mode and votemap is distracting.
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