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    Time Logger [1.0] [28th May]

    Access to a MySQL database that accepts remote connections is required. The ODBC 5.1 Driver found here is also required.

    - Extract CTimeLogger.cs into plugin directory.

    - Add the machine running the plugin to the remote mysql access host list.
    Will throw a permissions error if not done

    - Enable outgoing ODBC Connections, located in Tools -> Options -> Plugins
    Will throw a permissions error if not done

    - Enter the correct details for your database connection in the plugin settings tab. You do not need to create a table, the plugin will take care of that.



    PM any issue you have and I'll do my best to help you out/bug fix

    Creates a record of how long a player spends on your server. Time is stored in seconds so that you can manipulate it using php how you see fit. The players country is also stored.

    Cases where a player leaves and reconnects within a round are handled.



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