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    Status numbers explained

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    Can someone please tell me how to read this?
    [MULTIbalancer]:0 Status: 0/17 raged, 12 reassigned, 0 balanced, 8 unstacked, 1 unswitched, 192 excluded, 230 exempted, 0 failed; of 1167 TOTAL
    Am I reading it correct when I say: 0 got balanced, 8 got unstacked, and 1 got switched back.
    What deos 192 and 230 means? and who are "reassigned"? Who are those 0/17?
    Where does 1167 "total" come from???
    It would be good to see the rest of the status report, like how many players there were in the round. It's hard to intepret this without the other data.

    Let's start with 1167 total. That means during the round, there were 1167 opportunities to move players for balance or unstacking. An opportunity to move results when a player dies or when a new player joins the server. So 1167 is the sum of all player deaths and all player joins during the round.

    0 balanced means that of those 1167 opportunities, 0 resulted in a move for balance during the round. See "reassigned" below.

    192 excluded is relative to 1167 opportunities. Of those 1167 player deaths, 192 did not result in a balancing or unstacking move because some exclusion rule applied (Section 2 settings).

    230 exempted is similar. Of 1167 opportunities, 230 did not result in a balancing or unstacking move because the player was temporarily exempted from being moved. This is because they had been moved once already this round, or their hasn't been enough time to fetch their clan tag yet, or they are a Strong player and you are only moving Weak players, etc., etc.

    Reassigned is as described in post #1: When a player first joins a server but before their first spawn, they are moved to the team with fewer players. So even though it says 0 players moved for balanced, actually, 12 players were moved for balance, it just happened before they had a chance to spawn for the first time. It also means that if left to its own devices, the game server would have sent those 12 players to the team with more players, making balance worse.

    0/17 means that of the 17 players that left the game during the round, none of them counted as a "rage quit" due to balancing or unstacking moves. A player leaving is counted as a rage quit if they leave within 60 seconds of being moved by the balancer, including unswitches.
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