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    Might have something to do with this?:
    Amazon is having serious problems with abuse, and we are seeing intermittent multi-100-Gbps attacks from compromised and fraudulently rented cloud instances at Amazon against certain customers in Frankfurt. These attacks flood out our upstream links to INAP, causing few-second-long spurts of packet loss for customers (as the emergency null-route against the target takes hold).

    We are waiting for Amazon to address the sources of traffic, and for them to implement better systems for preventing or automatically detecting outbound attacks, as some other cloud hosting providers have (they could have such measures in place within a matter of hours if they had one of their engineers work on it). We always send an immediate notification to Amazon about every traffic source.

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    think its an IP issue. if i moved it over to my PC at home it starts fine.

    maybe too much requests to battlelog from 1 IP. (i have 8 separate layers for Adkats but at the same VPS

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    the only error i get now is:
    [11:53:48 82] [AdKats] ERROR-75013: [Unable to download SQL updates.]

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneManArmy View Post
    the only error i get now is:
    [11:53:48 82] [AdKats] ERROR-75013: [Unable to download SQL updates.]
    Those are errors because the plugin cannot connect to github's servers. Try going here:

    They works for me, but might not be working from your layer's point of view.



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