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    Quote Originally Posted by SmackDown View Post

    Regarding the Challenge system, in section C32 there is a section titled: Active Entries (Displays)

    In my server, that setting is always empty and the section titled: Active Round Rules Entries is also always empty. I only run one challenge rule and always the current rule and Definition when I make a new one. So my question is what are the above mentioned sections for?

    Also, I know your busy, but any ETA of when the Rewards section will be done?

    Thank you for your time.
    I'm not sure why yours is not getting selected. What happens if you use !ch 1 in chat? You should be assigned that challenge and then when you refresh the procon settings you should see that active entry.

    The rewards will need more time again. I just got engaged last week and was out of state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodor View Post
    I have a bug probably with anticheat KPM. I put there 5 so if player have 5 or higher KPM should be banned, but it also banned players with 4,6 KPM etc.
    That KPM setting is per weapon, not overall. If they have more than your set KPM with a specific weapon in bans them, regardless of what their overall KPM is.

    This is described in the docs:

    "This check uses weapon time and total kills, rather simplistic, just kills/total minutes. If that value is greater than your trigger level the ban is issued. After some research and testing the value used on our servers is the default, 5.0. 200 kills with the weapon in question are required to trigger this check."



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