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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodor View Post
    Could it be fixed by @Prophet731?
    Quote Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner View Post
    It's not a bug, that's just how it works. If a player is in the server, and you are watching the server, ban them from the live scoreboard for that server. Cheers.
    Technically yes I could however it would heavily rely on the stats logger and that's not always accurate sometimes with its live db scoreboard. If the plugin loses connection then it's instantly stale data. Which is why I never implemented that. To do it the current way it would have to establish a connection to the game server each time for a ban. Which is inefficient.

    You can ban them on the their profile but it won't kick them, you would need to again go to the live board then issue the kick. The ban record exists so AdKats will handle that on the attempted rejoin.

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    Is the reward section for the challenges going to be released soon?

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    To. ColColonCleaner, I think I need your help.

    My current server still has the problem of Attack helicopter strong advantage, I need a minimum of a reasonable balance to solve my problem, Solve the problem of all flags being taken through auto-nuke.

    My needs are simple:
    For example, there are a total of 5 flags in Siege of Shanghai, If any team captures all the flags, Will auto start 2 times nuke, As long as the backward team captures one flag, Will stop any auto-nuke trigger condition calculation.

    Triggering conditions:
    Ticket gap 350 tickets, And capture all the flags, Maintain this state automatically enters the countdown after two minutes, Launch auto-nuke in more than two minutes.

    No need to punish the winner's action, or end early, Just let the backwards out of the base to capture the flag, Until the ticket is zeroed, Excuse me, Is there a way to achieve such a demand?

    PS.I need your screenshots as an example reference. (Because my current health status is difficult to understand English, Please forgive me for this.)
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    Is ColColonCleaner still involved in this project? Have not received responses to post or PM's and notice he is not answering post lately.

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    Where do you unban someone when using Ban Enforcer? I canít find the list or most recent test ban I made. Itís working just canít figure how to edit the list like before. I did read the docs but canít find the answer.

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    Ok you have to use command prompt. NM



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