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    Version (18-JUL-2014)


    • Stat logger settings are now immediately fed on AdKats start, and at 1 hour intervals afterward, if the setting enabled.
    • Low population setting now stored in section 1, server settings.
    • Live scoreboard in DB is now force enabled.
    • Player reputation algorithm modified to have a ceiling.
    • Default name of balance whitelist command has been changed to blwhitelist instead of just whitelist.
    • Move command now automatically changes to force move if the player is currently dead.


    • Added metabans support when using ban enforcer. Both bans and unbans supported.
    • Commands, rules and assist for the time being, now have timeouts on them, specific to targeted players.
    • Added option to remove rule numbers from printing.
    • Low/high population is now tracked over the current running duration.
    • Population statistics are now available using the uptime command.
    • Player report messages completely revamped, now showing extended information about target and source.
    • Additional precautions added to ensure admin powers are assigned properly when database connection goes offline.
    • Added chat history/conversation to report emails.
    • Added fkill command, it bypasses all other kill functionality and issues admin kill on the target immediately.
    • Added remaining time to server-wide ban enforce messages.
    • Reports on players recently acted on by admins are now blocked. 20 second timeout default.
    • Players who have left the server can still be acted on using in-game commands now.
    • Added help command, it lists all commands a player can access.
    • Special player table now has expiration dates for all elements.
    • Whatis command now supports command names, entering a command name will tell the source what that command does.
    • Reporters are now informed when a player they reported leaves the server.
    • Added an expiration date to users.
    • All admins are informed when a kicked player rejoins the server.
    • Added dequeue command. It cancels any queued actions for the player; moves, kills, etc.
    • Added notes line for all users.
    • Commands in the role allowed list now display if they cause a role to be considered "admin".
    • Player reputation system, once private to ADK, is now public.
    • Temp ban command now has a max duration, default 10 years.
    • Added find command, return a player's current team, position, and score.
    • Players targeted with reports (with report notification on), now ensure the player knows they were reported.
    • Reports now have an optional timeout in seconds for admin action. They cannot be acted on by ID before this timeout expires.
    • Online admins are now informed when a player requests server rules.
    • Added automatic AFK kicker after X idle time, optional, with whitelists.
    • Added afk command, activates AFK kicking functionality if automatic action is not enabled.
    • Added secondary confirmation for punishment timeout, avoiding database calls if necessary.
    • Added pull command, pulls a player to your squad, killing them in the process.
    • Added ignore command, ignores round reports.
    • Added mark command, marks a player for notification to admins if they leave the server.
    • Commands can now be used with a period (.) prefix, in addition to all other prefixes.
    • Added pchat command, returns recent chat and conversations from targeted players.
    • Startup sequence notifications to admins have been moved and made more informative.
    • Some commands can now have multiple targets, the first of such being the pchat command.
    • Added pinfo command, gives extensive information about the targeted player.
    • Unban command can now have a custom reason.
    • Added hcwhitelist command, it adds a player to the hacker-checker whitelist, and unbans them if they are banned.
    • Added more information to denied assist command attempts, and still more information given to admins.
    • Added warn to punishment options.
    • Self targeting the rules command as an admin now sends rules to the whole server.
    • Commands are not included in mute enforcement anymore. Optional.
    • Automatic new line has been added to the beginning of all yells in BF4, placing the [ADMIN] tag on a separate line.
    • Added optional first spawn tell to players. Optional, disabled by default.
    • Added logs to procon's event log for all records processed through AdKats.
    • Now using BF4Stats API weapon damage for weapons not in AdKats weapon stat list.
    • Added lock/unlock commands, blocking actions for 10 minutes on players who are locked, except by the locking admin.
    • 3rd party plugin settings can now be managed via the database.
    • Greatly improved the performance of "Ban Search" in mini-ban-management section.

    Bugs Fixed

    • Automatic unbans for changed names caused record spam.
    • Assist command was unreliable due to ticket/rate logging errors.
    • Chat log table trigger had a bug in the player ID assignment which would assign incorrect IDs for players with multiple games in the database.
    • Rules command did not give feedback when targeted at a player.
    • IP change logging caused spam and sometimes duplicated records.
    • Unban command had several performance issues.
    • Some settings were not included in the interval setting pull/push.
    • Ticket rate and ticket count calculations were incorrect, and sometimes completely absent.
    • Teamswap had multiple move errors when multiple people were queued for teamswap.

    Upgrade SQL from - Current

    No upgrade SQL required.
    Update one layer, run it to completion, then enable on your other layers.

    This will be the final update for AdKats, other than bugfixes. Future updates past version 5 not planned for quite some time.

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    To add to Colons post, the web admin (BFAdminCP) will have its update in a few weeks, 3 to 4 weeks max. After this update any future updates (new features), besides bugfixes, won't happen as well. I'll be doing another project and will require all most focus.
    Developer of the BFAdminCP

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    - Every time I allow/disallow a command for a usergroup, the config line selection jumps to the top.
    - [AdKats] ERROR: Error in record information, unable to log procon event.
    Cause for the second error?
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    Quote Originally Posted by iraqiboy90 View Post

    - Every time I allow/disallow a command for a usergroup, the config line selection jumps to the top.
    - [AdKats] ERROR: Error in record information, unable to log procon event.
    Cause for the second error?
    1. It's caused by the setting framework procon uses, I can't avoid it. Every time you make a change that could modify the elements in each of those lists, all of them need to be regenerated.
    2. I'll look into that one.

    EDIT: I found #2 and fixed it, i'm going to wait to post that update though, in case more are found now that need fixing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner View Post
    Are those the only errors in that log?

    I am not sure what is happening with the first section, please increase your debug level. records should never be type 8|35, 15|35, or 21|35.

    As for the second one, you are not using the correct authentication settings/parameters.
    I use the standart mail settings from that wrong?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentHawk View Post
    I use the standart mail settings from that wrong?
    Please use your own, those were just examples to show correct settings for google usage, that account has been closed.

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    ahhh got it - thanks

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    ingame commands suddently dont work.
    Adkats is somehow working, but not processing my commands... Deleting my soldier name and assigning it gives me notification ingame, but commands doesn't work.

    I restarted procon, DB, and game without luck.
    Same issue on my other servers.
    Webadmin is working as normal.

    Other players same issue.

    Changed debug level to 4-9.
    Here is the output as soon as I press enter when issuing a say command:

    [03:20:55 36] [AdKats] MESSAGE: Entering Messaging Thread Loop
    [03:20:55 36] [AdKats] MESSAGE: Preparing to lock messaging to retrive new messages
    [03:20:55 36] [AdKats] MESSAGE: Inbound messages found. Grabbing.
    [03:20:55 36] [AdKats] MESSAGE: begin reading message
    [03:20:55 36] [AdKats] MESSAGE: Checking for mute case.
    [03:20:55 36] [AdKats] MESSAGE: Entering Messaging Thread Loop
    [03:20:55 36] [AdKats] MESSAGE: No inbound messages. Waiting for Input.
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    [20:57:43 87] [AdKats] EXCEPTION: Line 0: [FetchUserList][Error while fetching access list.]: MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException: Unknown column 'adkats_users.user_expiration' in 'field list'
    at MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlStream.ReadPacket()
    at MySql.Data.MySqlClient.NativeDriver.GetResult(Int3 2& affectedRow, Int64& insertedId)
    at MySql.Data.MySqlClient.Driver.GetResult(Int32 statementId, Int32& affectedRows, Int64& insertedId)
    at MySql.Data.MySqlClient.Driver.NextResult(Int32 statementId, Boolean force)
    at MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlDataReader.NextResult( )
    at MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlCommand.ExecuteReader( CommandBehavior behavior)
    at PRoConEvents.AdKats.FetchUserList()
    [20:57:43 87] [AdKats] WARNING: No users in the user table. Add a new user with 'Add User'.

    I don't know why my adkats_user table doesn't show the user_expiration and user_notes column? I tried to run the sql file on my bf4 db but still doesn't work. (my bf3's adkats works just fine. Then I tried bf4 but this happens, both are different db)

    I tried stopping my layer, delete adkats.cs / dll and start. Then upload adkats.cs again, restart. Still doesn't work
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    Quote Originally Posted by 13lackHawk View Post
    To add to Colons post, the web admin (BFAdminCP) will have its update in a few weeks, 3 to 4 weeks max. After this update any future updates (new features), besides bugfixes, won't happen as well. I'll be doing another project and will require all most focus.
    Great news!

    Thanks for the updates to the plugin!



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