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    Quote Originally Posted by payver View Post
    Thank you, it's just for 2 afk players for starting server, that both afk aren't in the same team.

    I'm reading this thread since 7-10 months (it's still confusing and my english isn't good enough):
    I have another problem of a dominating clan: They don't balance if they see so many rage-quitters and want to stay together, amount of players are going down. However i want that they were put together at beginning (same clan tags in team), but if it becomes unbalanced they will be not excluded from autobalancer/unstacking for making even teams. Is that possible?
    If all you're trying to do is balance server seeders, then try this plugin.

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    Unstacking is working really strange. I thought swap means 2 players are switched at the same time. But it unstacks one to other team then it becomes unbalanced in amount of players. Then it takes 1-2 minutes before one is balanced to another side.

    Another thing is i set 3 unstacks maximum and 1 swap per group, but the statistics at the end shows 4-6 unstacks. All exclusions are off (top scorers, only move weak players, same clan tags etc.).

    I think i stay with balance only. Or maybe it helps to install the plugin new. How i do it? Shutting down everything then delete the *.cs file and the cfg in the settings folder?

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    How can I prevent a change of team?

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    Quote Originally Posted by spyder27 View Post
    How can I prevent a change of team?
    For you specifically? Add yourself to the whitelist.

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    forgive me if I answered you in the other topic.However it is not for me. It's for all the players.



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