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    [Myrcon] New Hoster Information

    If you are interested in hosting/renting out Procon Layer servers, please take some time to get familiar with our Procon Hosting License.

    You can find the full license here:

    All individuals/companies wanting to host our software for paying customers are required to be registered as an Authorised Procon Hosting Provider (APHP). Depending on your project's structure, you'll be required to pay a monthly licensing fees for each Procon Layer running on your systems (please consult the license for a more detailed explanations of fees and requirements).

    If you are interested in becoming a registered APHP or require further information about licensing or the registration-process. Please feel free to email us at [email protected]

    Please refrain from sending Private Messages (PMs) to forum members regarding licensing. Please contact a Myrcon representative via the email above.

    Before posting: Have you read the MANUAL?
    Before posting: Have you used the SEARCH?

    I will not provide support through PMs or TeamSpeak. Please post your questions in our forums.



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