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    Providing kill reason

    Is there any explanation why you can't fill in a reason for 'killing' a player in Droid PRoCon?

    Our servers have got a language filter, but not all words can be put in there, so sometimes I have to kill/kick (sometimes even ban) a player for foul language.
    So yesterday I was trying the latest version of Droid PRoCon on my phone, which I bought via AndroidPIT (instead of 1,37 it's 1,40 there, but atleast I can pay with PayPal, instead of a credit card with that stinking Google Wallet stuff)...
    So someone used some foul language, and I wanted to kill him with the message "Watch your language".
    I thought that when I would click the "kill" button it would give me some text box, because I didn't see any text-box anywhere else in the screen. Then it killed without providing a reason, causing the player to say another foul word, because he didn't understand why he got killed, and then he got kicked out automatically by the word filter...
    Which was NOT my intention.

    I'm using an MDPI phone, 4.0.4 ICS, deodexed (and a bit modified) stock-ROM.
    I refund my purchase until I know it's fixed, as I need to be able to provide my reasons... (Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?)
    Also, I know more people asked, but is there any reason this app doesn't provide PB Screenshot triggering? Or do I need to add plugins for that. (Haven't checked the Layer-plugins for this app yet...)
    Any further information you need?

    EDIT: Read something about this app not being added to AndroidPIT, yet, it is there. And the app works normally for the rest... Either way I cannot pay with Google Play... But I don't think that could be the problem, could it?
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