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    Quote Originally Posted by HexaCanon View Post
    i have it on all of my servers at the moment, just a question: does the limit track how many times someone helped ? is it possible to do so ? was wondering if someone helps 10 times (10 days) then i can give him more awards. you can make so that when someone helps X times an email is sent to admin telling him the player name.. just an idea.
    It could be incorporated in some way, if the player was ever to lose their slot the information saved in the reserve list would also go as their name is deleted, unless you just changed it to leave the names in the reserve list and just make it expire down to 0 and no lower. You would then need another stored value that just incremented every time they helped.

    Another thought was if they helped 5 times the get 2 days for each assist, when they have helped 10 times they get 5 days for each assist, and so on. The problem is then the incentive to help is diminished.
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    any tips on how i can use your code to make a permenant reserve slots for members?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadow2k1 View Post
    any tips on how i can use your code to make a permenant reserve slots for members?
    Change the bit in the code "SLAG" to be that of your clan tag, then just add your members manualy to the reserve list through procon

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    insane limits is timing out and failing to see clan tags, so everyone is going on the list that is the first 6, just thought Id share that..

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    you did a great job with this. now if only someone (or you) could make a list to log and grant limited admin to vips based on top most frequent players on the server kinda that uses the to grant the vips

    i posted it here
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    keep gettinig this for all 3 limits [21:08:26 84] [Insane Limits] ERROR: 1 error compiling Expression
    [21:08:26 84] [Insane Limits] ERROR: (CS0117, line: 65, column: 30): 'PRoConEvents.PluginInterface' does not contain a definition for 'GetReservedSlotsList'

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    ive changed the timeout on limits to 90 instead of 30, seems to of help issue with limits getting info from battlelog

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    if (limit.Activations(player.Name) > 1) return false;
    //The thread code below allows me to delay the reward message on first spawn because directly below this text is a !rules yell. It then yells the reward message 5 seconds later
    //simple yell to start for type !rules for server rules
    plugin.SendPlayerYell(player.Name, "Type !rules for Server Rules" , 5);
    // Closure bindings for the delegate
    string port = server.Port;
    string host = server.Host;
    string yellMsg = null;
    string dir = "Plugins\\BF3\\ReserveList_" +host+ "_" +port+ ".txt";
      //read names on reserve list
      string namecheck = File.ReadAllText(dir);
      //split names on Reserve list at ", "
      string[] resnames = Regex.Split(namecheck, ", ");
      //check each split name 
      foreach (string resname in resnames)
        //split the name at ":" in to array, 1st is player name, 2nd is date last updated, 3rd can be ignored, was extra code in second check
        string[] rescont = resname.Split(':');
        if (rescont[0] == player.Name)
          if (plugin.GetReservedSlotsList().Contains(rescont[0]))
            int value = Convert.ToInt32(rescont[2]);
            yellMsg = "You have a reserve slot for helping to start the server, it will expire in approximately "+value+" day(s) unless you help again.";
    // Thread delegate
    ThreadStart AdminYell = delegate  {
    //5 second delay before yelling the reward message
      plugin.SendPlayerYell(player.Name, yellMsg , 5);
    // Main thread code
    if (yellMsg != null)
      Thread t = new Thread(AdminYell);
    return false;
    Is there a way to send to chat and yell for this limit. I want to make sure the person getting the reserved slot sees it. Sometimes a server message overrides the yell message. With both chat and yell the person would have a better chance to see it.

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    Any plans on updating this for BF4?

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    Is this working on BF4? Would love to add this on my server



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