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    [Download] Procon 1.X

    Download for Procon 1.X for BC2, BF3 & BF4

    Attached to this post, you can find the latest downloads of Procon 1.X and everything attached to it. To download the latest version available, simply click the big LATEST VERSION link.

    In order to be able to run Procon, you need to have .NET 3.5 installed

    You can find the changelogs for all patches in this thread:

    If you're interested in some of the older versions of Procon 1.X, please follow this link:

    Starting with version, we will not include the media files (maps, kill icons, etc.) for Battlefield:Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor with the regular Procon download anymore.
    This measure allows us to drastically reduce the size of each Procon download and thus saves us and you bandwidth and resources during updates. For version, we have however included the media files once more (renamed as "AlphaPack") to allow a smooth transition for BFBC2 and MoH users. Version and upward will no longer contain these files, however, they will be available as a separate download:

    The sourcecode of Procon 1.X can be found at our GitHub-repository:

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