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    Hi all, i use the website very often to check players (and then pbss - it would be nice to combine these two things). But since metabans is down, i never used it, it is not possible to ban players by the stats given on (locked stats etc.)?

    You did a great job with that site and it would be a pity not to integrate the stats given on the website without the need of metabans (local tban/ban).

    P.S. I really don't like to post here publically, maybe some cheaters are looking here too.


    P.S. Maybe i misunderstood the description in the first post. Im running it without the option "Stream to", lets see.
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    I am very new to where do I install this plez...

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    Quote Originally Posted by smilingchicken View Post
    I am very new to where do I install this plez...
    The download link is in the main post. The normal installation procedure for a plugin if not specified otherwise is placing the cs file in the plugins/yourgame folder on your layer, then rebooting your layer.

    If you are very new to this keep in mind that procon plugins do not run when procon is not running, so you'll need to get a procon layer set up. They can be hosted for pretty cheap through your normal game host. Ask them to set one up for you if you have questions.

    Also another common new question comes from people putting plugins on their local instance of procon instead of on the layer. Dropping the plugin files into your local procon client doesn't work, you need to put them on the layer.

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