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    Crash When Attempt Connect-Aftermath (SOLVED)

    I have one server set to Aftermath and when trying to connect to layer with Droid Procon, Droid Procon crashes. I can connect to the server not running Aftermath and I can connect to both with PC version.
    Anyone else?

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    Yep, me too.

    I haven't tried to debug it much, but it seems that it doesn't matter what mode is currently running, it still crashes about a second after it connects. I was hoping it would connect if I switched it to conquest on a new map, but it crashes then too.
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    me to, instant crash on server load.

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    Count me in for crashing on Aftermath server. Hopefully update comes through soon.

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    I am also experiencing crashes while attempting to connect to my Aftermath server. I can still connect to my other server without issue.

    EDIT: Issue resolved. Thanks for the quick update!
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    Working! Thanks for update!

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    No worries, let me know if you find any bugs!



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