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    Quote Originally Posted by knownchild View Post
    So does this work for BF4?
    Have you read the first post?

    Or the title of this topic:

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    I'm having a small issue with this plugin and wonder if someone can help ...

    I'm running a 40 player BF3 Rush server and the rounds often do not last long enough for there to have been 3 screenshots taken for any given player. The maximum amount I am seeing is 2 screenshots requested per round. The plugin seems to clear all its counters at the start of each round so users never exceed two screenshots no matter how long they play on the server.

    Perhaps I am just doing something wrong, any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: My screenshot timing was off. I adjusted this and now all seems to be working nicely.
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    It's possible to get autoss work only when player have K/D ratio >2 ?

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    That's not what this plugin is for.

    This plugin monitors the punkbuster stream to see whether the player is sending it's PB screenshots properly.
    In order for it to work, you have to setup your server to requests PB screenshots from the players in your server automatically.

    This plugin does not request the players screenshots for you.

    But, you can use ProconRulz to request screenshots automatically for you.
    For instance:

    On Kill;Headshot;Rate 4 30;Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_getss "%p%";Log PBSS from %p% for 4 Headshots in 30 Secs - Weapon %w%.
    This code requests a screenshot of a player when he makes 4 headshots in 30 secs.
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    Thank you EBassie for reply
    but it's possible to do it with insane limit?

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    there were 2 players who didn't send 3 screenshots in one round but PBSEE did nothing. Is it a bug if i set minimun score to 0?

    Why does this plugin resets on new map? Is there anywhere an enhanced version, that also makes a difference between "screenshot not returned" and "transfer was incomplete"?

    Edit: I set minimum score to 300 and there was again a cheater with no pbss. 3 screenshots where taken in a round with Proconrulz, but PBSEE did again nothing. Do i have to turn on Punkbuster console so this works?

    Edit2: Hmm sometimes it works, sometimes not. I think it works if its running when server starts/restarts.
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