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    Quote Originally Posted by DFC-NightMare[NL] View Post

    My Server is online on

    What do I need to configure in procon to connect to it?
    I cannot get a succesfull connection.....
    What port should I Use?

    Thanks in advance!
    direct connection ? same ip and port , no username , password should be in the startup file in the server (ur game server provider should either provide a web ui to open that file or FTP access to it).
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    Tried my (changed) pass, and the one thats in the e-mail, no luck.....

    My Pass contains Alpha, Caps and numbers, no special chars...

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    it doesnt show connected but you can still use Procon

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    Procon will not show the green "connected" icon (but keep spinning and spinning like it is still connecting), but if you click the IP of the gameserver in Procon, you can still administrate your server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nshell View Post
    it doesnt show connected but you can still use Procon
    Thanks that did the trick!

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    Quote Originally Posted by XpKiller View Post
    I could imagine that this is intended behavior.
    Makes it a bit hard to issue admin commands, like @ban, #ban and !ban...

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    I've been playing it for awhile already and I love it well worth the money! Nothing like the old MOH the gameplay and style is so much nicer and the game is superb.

    Can't wait for an admin tool for my server! Keep up the good work..

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    The chat does appear to accept special characters, just not anything that you need to press shift for. ;'[]\-=*` all work just fine.

    ProCon doesn't seem to be recording any chat though (which I assume is just a known issue), which means admin commands aren't working anyway (at least for me).
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    Keep up the good work ProCon, thats why your worth waiting for in my opinion

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    Kick/ban work. Moving players to different teams or squads causes player to freeze up and has to restart the game. Player stats look up works. Running 2 servers on same procon as 3 BF3 servers



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