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    How to properly report a plugin issue

    This post is intended to provide detailed instructions on how to properly log and report plugin issues to plugin developers. I have addressed this many times throughout my plugin threads, but the information always gets lost, so I'm creating this as a quick reference. Other plugin developers are welcome to link here, as well.

    In order to properly debug an issue, plugin developers need detailed logs directly from the layer server. Logs from your local PRoCon client do not contain all of the data required for proper debugging.


    1) Gain FTP or web access directly to the files for your layer server.
    2) Change to the Configs directory.
    3) Download and edit procon.cfg.
    4) Find the 4 lines that relate to logging.
    5) Change them to this: (chat and events logging are optional)
    procon.private.options.chatLogging False
    procon.private.options.consoleLogging True
    procon.private.options.eventsLogging False
    procon.private.options.pluginLogging True
    procon.private.options.enablePluginDebugging True
    6) Save and upload the file back to the layer server.

    7) Look for a file that is named after the IP address and port for your game server. It will look similar to this:
    8) Download and edit this file.
    9) Find the line beginning with "procon.protected.console.settings".
    10) Change the line to this:
    procon.protected.console.settings True True False True True True
    11) Save and upload the file back to the layer server.
    12) Restart the layer server.

    Your layer server is now properly logging. The first edit enables logging for the PRoCon console and plugin console. The second edit adds events to the PRoCon console log, which enables the plugin developer to see when the server triggers events that the plugin should respond to. This is not the same thing as the Events log.

    All of the logs will be found in the Logs directory.


    Once you have enabled logging using the steps above, and have experienced the issue that you wish to report, follow these steps.

    1) Gain FTP or web access directly to the files for your layer server.
    2) Change to the Logs directory.
    3) Download the console and plugin logs for the date upon which the issue occurred. For example: 20120912_console.log and 20120912_plugin.log
    4) Compress these files into a zip file.
    5) Make a post in the plugin thread with the following information:
    • What version of the plugin you are using.
    • What version of PRoCon is running on your layer server.
    • What Game Server Provider (GSP) you use.
    • What size server you pay for.
    • A complete list of your plugin settings (screenshot or relevant lines from your config file would be ideal)
    • A detailed description of the problem you are having, including the map(s) and game mode(s) in which you noticed the problem.
    • What time the issue occurred (so the developer can find it in the logs).
    • The log files that you downloaded (attach the zip file to the post).

    If you don't provide ALL of this information, the plugin developer will not have enough information to diagnose your problem.
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