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    Basic In Game Info with Time v1.2 - 24 Apr 2010

    Latest version: 24 Apr 2010

    Version 1.2 of Basic In Game Info Code

    Written by: Phogue
    Modified by: [LAB]HeliMagnet
    Version: 1.2
    For use with: ProCon

    A quick add on to CBasicInGameInfo.cs file. As suggested here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=442

    Server admins need to set the correct UTC offset for the time zone the ProCon program is running in (see README for list). Players on your server can either get the server's time (the time the computer running ProCon has) or their own time.

    For server's time: @time
    For player's time: @time # (where # is from -11 to 12) this is the UTC offset of the player's time zone. -OR-
    @time abr (where abr is the time zone abbreviation of the player's time zone)

    For example: I live in NY, USA (Eastern Standard Time [EST]) and Lucky At Bingo's ProCon runs in CA,USA (Pacific Standard Time [PST]). Right now, it is 12:49 PM EST and 9:49 PM PST. If I type @time, I get "Current Server Time is: 9:49:15 PM PST. If I type @time -5 (my UTC offset) or @time EST, I get "Your Current TIme is: 12:49:15 PM EST.

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    Re: Basic In Game Info with Time v1.2 - 24 Apr 2010

    the plugin doesnt work in the parent control layer :-(
    and the rest of procon. please make an new update .many thx



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