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Thread: Stopped working

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    Stopped working


    In the last few days I've been having some problems with the iPhone version. It has the same settings as the PC version which works fine and there is no multitasking going on.

    Basically the login goes fine but when I try pressing a tab for Players or Chat it does not repsond. It may do after a minute or more usually it just freezes.

    Is this a known problem?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ianpugh View Post
    Is this a known problem?
    That depends. Are you connecting through a layer server? Are you running the "ProconRulz" plugin on the layer server? Do you have the "Trace rules" options in the layer servers plugin settings set to "yes"?

    If so, set the option to "no" and you should be fine.

    Please tell me if that helped.




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