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    Exclamation iOS Procon BF3 Edition 1.18 patch info

    Here you can check out what you can expect from the thirteenth update patch. This list is subject to change.

    New features:
    Dead players are now displayed grayed out and with a tiny scull symbol in the player list. With this new feature you are now able to tell who is actually playing and who is waiting to respawn.
    This is particularly helpful in combination with the player commands. For instance you might want to send a chat message when a player is actually in the game playing so that the player actually gets a chance to read it. Also you might want to move a player to a different team when this player is dead and waiting to respawn anyway.


    Patch ETA: Released!

    Please post any bugs or problems you might encounter in the "iOS Procon" forum:

    For the latest updates on upcoming patches follow Decker on twitter:!/doktorzett
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