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    Procon Layer (SOLVED)


    i am sorry for my bad English

    i going to try to explane

    since 6 months i use procon and i love it.

    before i was waiting for the new release of bf3cc.
    yesterday i send a mail to and got this answer:

    Dear customer,

    Unfortunately, we currently do not plan to go to Procon Layer support, maybe this ever changing in the future. BF3CC is simply pulled the plug because the developer no longer had to be paying attention. Since this has been passed by us here so we can not help themselves.

    So now I am sure the matter will be forever Procon. i just love it with all the plugins and opportunities

    now the problem is that dont support procon layer on the servers
    i have a tablet where i run the procon on and wondered if there will be a plugin or something for a procon layer because the tablet is on 24/24

    or if someone have another solution let me now.




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