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    Exclamation iOS Procon BF3 Edition 1.14 patch info

    Here you can check out what you can expect from the ninth update patch. This list is subject to change.

    1) Fixed a crash which sometimes occurred since the release of R20 on entering the player list.

    New features:
    1) Added the ability to send chat messages to individual players.
    2) Added the ability to send eye-catching "yell" messages to all players and individual players.
    3) Added a new server settings variable (vars.roundLockdownCountdown).
    4) Adapted the map list to the new game mode naming conventions.

    Patch ETA: Released!

    Please post any bugs or problems you might encounter in the "iOS Procon" forum:

    For the latest updates on upcoming patches follow Decker on twitter:!/doktorzett
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