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    [BF3] Reserved Slots [1.0.2] - 11 May


    This plugin will constantly reserve a determined number of slots on your server much like the previous Battlefield 2 reserved slot system. It does this by checking if the server has less than X number of slots free, if it does it will kick the last connected player that occupied the reserved slot. The plugin may not eliminate the queueing system if your server is popular, but it will automatically clear through it, ensuring when a VIP does connect they do not have to wait through a long queue.


    Enabled - Whether the plugin will actively kick to keep reserved slots available. (Plugin will always keep track of who is last joiner when it is activated regardless of this setting)
    - Refresh the Reserved Slot list
    Reserved Slots
    - The exact soldier names of the players you wish to reserve a slot for. The list will update names with the Reserved Slot list saved on the server but you can add others here if needed (to get the plugin to update the list from the servers list go to the Reserved Slots tab in Procon and refresh it).
    Server Size
    - The maximum size your server can be (For compatibility with Adaptive Server Size)
    Number of Slots Reserved
    - How many slots you wish to reserve. (Recommended: 2)
    Populating Count
    - The server population you wish to reward for helping start your server. This allows you to give the first X number of people on your server a temporary reserved slot as they have helped you populate. This reserved list will be cleared when the server empties.
    Kick Reason - The reason given when a player is kicked from the server.
    Debug - Whether to print debug statements. Will spam A LOT (Recommended: No)

    Ingame Commands
    rson - Enables the plugin to start actively kicking to ensure reserved slots are available. (Requirements: Account)
    - Disables the plugin so it will cease to kick for reserved slot. (Requirements: Account)

    1.0.2 - 10 May
    • Fixed 'player cycling' issue
    1.0.1 - 23 April
    • Fixed mass kicks
    • Added customisable kick reason
    1.0.0 - Initial Release
    • Will automatically kick to keep 'Number of Slots Reserved' available
    • Will reward populators for starting the server up

    Bugs in 1.0.2

    • None found so far
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    I go to test this

    what the better preset for a 64 slot server

    is it good:
    Server Size - 64
    Number of Slots Reserved - 1
    Populating Count - ? ??? ? I dont understant this line

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    Testing this right now on a 24 slot server. Yes explain the rewarding please.

    *edit* working like a charm!
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    Nevermind, found it in the plugin description:

    Populating Count
    Players that are on the server when it is below this amount will be rewarded with a reserved slot until the server empties. (Set to 0 to disable)

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    The Populating Count is used for the reward.

    This is when your server is starting up and beginning to fill, when the player count on the server is below the Populating Count it gives all the players on the server a temporary Reserved slot - as a sort of 'reward' for helping fill the server by allowing them to easily get back on later when it is full.

    Let me give an example:
    Settings are:
    Size - 48 - The server has a maximum server size of 48
    Num. Reserved - 2 - I want to reserve 2 slots for VIPs so teams will still be balanced when the server is full (as full as it can now be).
    Populating Count - 12- I want to reward the first 12 people starting my server up.

    My server is currently empty so myself and 3 clanmembers (all on the reserved slot list) connect to the server. We're assigned as VIPs so will never get kicked by the plugin. Then 8 other random players join the server. As they have joined to help populate it they are temporarily assigned as a VIP. The server player count is now 12. When more people join they are not given VIP status unless they are one of my friends on the reserved list. More people join until the server is full (which would be 46 people). Some of the original 8 have left. What this reward allows them to do is rejoin on the reserved slot list as they helped to get the server going - without them it would be sitting empty. Then, when the server dies and empties, they are removed from the reserved list.

    If you don't want to reward any players set the number to 0.

    Hope this helps clear things up - I never explain well in my first posts. :/

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    Hello when adding clan members do I have to add the clan tag or not????
    Thanks for this hopefully great plugin! have not had chance to try it yet!

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    Nope, don't add the clan tag - only their name.

    I'll see if I can add something to allow you to use clantags to prevent a player from being kicked for a reserved slot.

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    Thank you for your explanations

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    No problem.

    Let me know how it works for you.

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    Worked good, other than it kicked 10 people because of an 8 person queue, just to keep the 2 slots open... Then all the people kicked rejoined to once again fill the queue, and it kicked another 10 people from the server



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