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    Make sure you have setup the "Seconds between Spawn and Death" correct. Mine is set to 2 seconds and 1 infraction on auto punish.
    i dont want to move to auto punish, i want the victim to punish if he gets spawn killed .. but even if it is on 1 he wont get a message for it.. it works sometimes and sometimes it does not.
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    Possibly the player is getting killed before the plugin registers them as spawned, but I doubt it since the plugin fires the OnPlayerSpawn event about 2 seconds before the player has control of the soldier.

    I will have to check it out and see if maybe a players team is not being set correctly, that is the only other thing that comes to mind off the top of my head. But I got to run out for a bit here wont have a chance to look into it till later tonight. Alaska/US time

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    I have to side with Flyswamper on this ... this is not the first time this concept comes up. There is already another plugin:

    Spawn Shield, by Myriades

    which works on the same principle.

    The whole concept is flawed because the game allows you to spawn anywhere ...

    Take an example ... suppose you spawn as the chopper gunner (chopper is already in the air fighting another chopper) ... as soon as you spawn, your chopper gets blown up. If you are given the option to "!punish" in this case ... is totally unfair for the other side.

    Just like this I can list so many other situations, where it could lead to abuse from the players ... punishing just out of spite because they got killed.

    So you are not really detecting spawn camping.

    Spawn Camping implies that the person doing the killing is purposely waiting for the players to spawn, and kill them right away. Just using a timer will never guarantee you that's the case.

    I know you try to make it more balanced by allowing a few kills before the person is allowed to punish. That gives you some leeway to try avoiding "!punish" abuse. However ... you are still assuming that every kill within 5 seconds of spawning is a "Spawn Camp" kill.

    Instead of assuming that ... you should let the player's decide whether or not it was a "Spawn Camp" kill. Here is an alternate algorithm I can suggest:

    1. Player gets Killed within 5 Seconds of spawn
    2. Player is given option to "!complain"
    3. After X complains, the camper/violator gets Admin-Killed
    4. After Y Admin-Kills (for camping) the player gets either Kicked or Banned

    However, given the current restrictions for which there are no player coordinates, this is the best that can be done.

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    Can you detect at which maker the player spawns. It would be useful if we could give players spawning at main base a longer protected window of time or make it only apply to people who spawn in there main base??.

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    brauche mal bitte Hilfe..... damit ich das Plugin eingestellt bekomme

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    I'm wondering if this can be adapted to base protection only. My question is, is there a way to turn off the protection for players who have spawned in off a squad-mate or squad-leader?

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    Can you pls add the yell function (r20).. awesome....




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