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    Hello again, thanks for this plugin - it helps me to much! it good work with "empty map" plugin also (without troubles)

    i have last one question - about "use time based map rotation"
    how it work? i was try to much times with different options and still don't understand
    just one time it was change map list - but it was random settings for non EST time

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    hello love the plugin so far. Think it would be possible to have and option to have rtv start automatically say after a certain amount time on the last round of a map. It also seems that the custom settig s per map base doesn't seem to work

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    Hey dead... first... THANK YOU for putting the time in on this plugin!!!

    I put this on our server last night and it seemed to work great except for one issue. When I set use variables for maps and attempted to have it set the game mode counter var... it never seemed to set the tickets. Have you noticed that function (the map variables) not working correctly?

    As a side note... something I noticed while messing with this is the plugin reduces all uppercase letters to lowercase. Not sure it that will affect the settings are set.

    Also, do you store the maplists into an array? If so... you might look at the way procon gets this array or w/e because if you make a change to the maplist and reload the map variables... it doubles the list. I'm assuming it's because the array isn't cleared and re-established on each load. It seems like it's appending the updated maplist to the end of the old one.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1: Create a maplist.
    2: Load variables and set map specific variable for the maplist.
    3: Edit the maplist (add another map to the list)
    4: Load the variables and look at the map specific variable list.


    Since there has been no response to issues raised, I'm not sure if this plugin is dead in the water or not... but wanted to suggest one other thing.

    The plugin needs to maintain it's spot in each cycle so that if it reverts back to a lower / higher player count.. it continues the map cycle from where it left off instead of starting the map cycle over again.


    On our server, we have it set to change map cycles at 16 players. The problem occurs when the player count deviates in the round.

    server plays low count map cycle... gains 18 players.
    server switches to high player count cycle.
    on this higher player count cycle... player count drops below 16
    server switches back to low cycle and starts the map list from the beginning. This means that the same map played before will be the same on again.
    server population grows above 16 again.
    sever now starts the high cycle again with the beginning map which was just played previous to current round.
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