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    Chinese localization file

    Hi all,

    My clan(HERO) members and I worked on the Chinese localization file. Since we are BF clan, the translation of MOH part might not be very accurate. If any one who is familiar with MOH and wants to help us to check our work, you are welcome!

    HERO clan
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    Wonder how long it will take for the community to validate the translation work?

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    I've added this to the silent automatic update for procon localization files. It should be getting downloaded around the world now.

    Hopefully this will get at least one other Chinese speaking person onto the forums to provide some feedback on it. Till then though, I just have to trust that it's all okay.
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    well, I've set up an feed back page on our clan website~hope that would work for non-English Chinese users

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    some translation is not accurate ,even in BC2



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