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    Hi, why EmptyMap put map with just one round ? Should be an option somewhere to set the number of rounds ! for example 2 rounds.

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    hope this nice plugin is not death?

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    Hi Fruity.

    I noticed this plugin is not shown on the BF4-Plugin-Compatibility-Master-List

    It is one of the plugins I use in BF3 and think it will be just as useful in BF4.

    Do you have any plans to update this for use in BF4?
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    Yes I'm planning on updating it to BF4 (and most likely finish implementing the suggestions I didn't get around to).
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    Unfortunately with BF4 changing idle times to be disabled will change the server's vars.mpExperience, which removes the play now auto-join for that particular server. So I thought I would warn people on that.



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