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    Yeah, it should work like that for you. How are you determining whether or not the said maps are being ran on Hardcore? Also, give me an example map rotation so that I can try to mimic and possibly debug from there if needed.

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    I am setting the maps hardcore by the "Apply hardcore preset variables to map:" tab. I set nothing by manually entering it, I use the plugin tabs to enter all information which is right but it does not switch to hardcore.

    Here is the last map list from last night:

    XP1_004 ConquestAssaultLarge0 1
    MP_Subway RushLarge0 2
    XP2_Skybar GunMaster0 1
    MP_001 RushLarge0 2
    XP5_004 CaptureTheFlag0 1
    MP_011 RushLarge0 2
    MP_017 TeamDeathMatch0 1
    MP_013 RushLarge0 2
    XP2_Factory GunMaster0 1
    MP_017 RushLarge0 2
    MP_Subway ConquestLarge0 1
    XP1_002 TeamDeathMatch0 1
    XP4_Parl RushLarge0 2
    XP5_003 CaptureTheFlag0 1
    XP4_FD RushLarge0 2

    Here is the settings under the gunmaster map which is on my server right now and it is normal in game:

    ///// Hardcore Preset Variables /////
    vars.autoBalance True
    vars.friendlyFire True
    vars.killCam False
    vars.miniMap True
    vars.hud False
    vars.3dSpotting False
    vars.miniMapSpotting True
    vars.nameTag False
    vars.3pCam False
    vars.regenerateHealth False
    vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed True
    vars.soldierHealth 60
    vars.playerRespawnTime 100
    vars.playerManDownTime 100
    vars.bulletDamage 100
    vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn True
    /// End of Hardcore Preset Variables ///

    It seems to not look at the maps after the first map in the list.

    [08:21:26 62] [Map Variables] Variable Settings For New Map! - (Wake Island - Assault64)...
    [08:21:26 62] [Map Variables] No Applicable Variables to Be Set!
    [08:21:26 62] [Map Variables] Reverting Following Variables Back to Default...
    [08:21:26 62] [Map Variables] No Variables Needed Reverting!

    Map Variables put nothing out in console for the Metro on either round or for Ziba. Only for the first map on the list
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    Any updates on this?

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    [Map Variables] NOTICE! - You must first have a full list of 35 default variables to continue... What should i do? I want to do some maps with only knifes rounds...



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