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    This plugin is very old, and probably doesn't work with the latest version of procon, as it was built when procon was first released (ah those were the days)

    Have you registered on ?

    Quote Originally Posted by terwax View Post
    Hey aussie.

    Could you check if my server is working fine with you? IP is

    I was being lazy and didn't set it up until today. 2 or 3 guys came to my server last night and i was afk. one was medic on my team and so he will revive me when id die while his mate shoot me. He created account last night but went up to rank 10 and i was like 0-300. My k/d was severely impacted. is there anyway you can add Matchuck, BreezyB and CapnAhab on that ban list please? \they go and do this on every server...
    Terwax, the AussiePunksBusted system does not work like that. It is designed for use with Punkbuster. Normally, if a player is detected on your server using an aimbot by Punkbuster, then they are banned, but nobody else finds out about it. The AussiePunks system works similar to PBBans etc, where it monitors your server for Punkbusterbans, and then notifies other servers about them, so that instead of the player being banned on just your server, they are banned on multiple servers.

    For this reason, players that you don't like, or are just suspected of hacking, are not added to any ban list. Only players that Punkbuster detects as using a hack are added.



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