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    Exclamation README: iOS Procon BF3 Edition connection problems

    There seem to be some people around with connection problems and I so decided to write down some detailed information about how to set up your server connection and you what can do in terms of troubleshooting if the connection to your server can't be established.

    Writing a complete guide which also should contain some helpful illustrating graphics will take some time. By the way: If you - as an experienced iOS Procon user - would like to contribute to a guide I'll be more than happy to accept. Crediting you in the App itself and giving out some more free download codes for your friends is a minor reward I could offer in return.

    As long as this guide is not finished and the limited information provided here is not sufficient to solve your issue I encourage you to directly contact me with your connection details and let me check what the problem might be. Regarding the current version of iOS Procon and also regarding the connection problems people had with iOS Procon for BFBC2 I am happy to be able to say that 100% of all issues could be solved so far meaning there's no one who has been left behind.



    For starters here are some general hints you might want to look at if you can't connect:

    Make sure your iOS device is connected to the internet properly. Do this by checking if Safari works on the device. Double check for typos in the connection details. Look at the kind of error message you get and actually read what it says. The error messages system got pretty sophisticated over the time and can display more than a dozen reasons for a failing connection. E.g. if you get an "Invalid password" message the password is probably truly wrong. For a connection to a game server you need the IP, the PORT ("rcon/query" port and NOT the "game" port!) and rcon/query PASSWORD. Remember that for the password only numbers 0-9 and letters a-z and A-Z are allowed (DICE policy) - anything else will lead to connection problems. If you want to connect to a Procon layer server you'll also need to fill out the USERNAME field according to your account on the layer.

    Issues related to Apples iOS multitasking:

    SHORT VERSION: It is healthy to manually terminate the App from time to time and not let it run for weeks or months.

    LONG VERSION: Since v1.02 the iOS Procon BF3 Edition supports multitasking meaning that the App won't quit when brought to the background. It will hold your server connection so you can make a quick phone call or check or email or whatever and get right back onto the server into the player list and kick some more people or whatever. A minor downside of this multitasking addition is that the App actually never ever quits - I basically keeps running forever - for days, weeks, months or even years. That is a problem with all iOS Apps because I'd say that any App will eventually start doing funny things if it has just been running for too long - mainly because of unnoticed bugs causing memory leaks or other issues which are hard to detect sometimes. For this reason it is a good idea to manually terminate the App from time to time and not let it run for weeks or months. You can do this by double clicking on the home button then pressing and holding the Apps icon and then selecting the little red "minus" sign that appears in the upper left corner of the icon.
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