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    Feature request (kicking)

    I just bought Procon BF3 for iOS (iPod Touch 4G), and it works really well compared to let's say BF3CC (faster with updating # of players on the server). Yet there is one thing that should be changed or actually, added;

    When you kick a player, you just kick him. You can't select a reason.
    The player doesn't know why he has been kicked.
    Mostly I kick users because a member wants to join the server (VIP still not working on the R10 patch).

    Is it possible to give a selection of choices why to kick a player?
    For instance;

    - Making room for a member
    - Ignoring server rules
    - Cheating
    etc. etc.

    It's just one extra tap on the touchscreen, but it's more clear to the player why he or she has been kicked.
    When I use BF3CC, I always give a reason why I'm kicking someone.

    Another thing;

    There's a minor error in a mapname. It's 'Noshahr Canals', not 'Noshahar Canals'.

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    Kick reasons are included in patch 1.04 which is the next patch coming up (and the typo will be fixed too.. ).
    Thanks for the input!




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