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    BF3 procon update error

    Hi after updating Procon on my Iphone i am getting an error.when i click the app it says "Connection lost. please reconnect"

    The app works fine after i click ok then connect to my server.

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    Well that is not really an error it's a new feature...

    iOS Procon BF3 Edition now supports multitasking since v1.02 so if you leave the app (using the home button) it is not actually closed but it continues running and even holds the server connection. So if you get a phone call or want to to anything else you can leave the app and later get back into it and still be connected.

    However, if iOS Procon is left running in the background for a longer time it will terminate the server connection by itself (to prevent using up battery power and bandwidth for nothing).

    When this happens in the background what you are going to see the next time you fire up the App is the start screen and a dialog box which tells that the last connection you were using has been lost (and this is probably what you are experiencing).

    To prevent this from happening all you have to do is to actually disconnect from the server (by clicking on the disconnect button) each time before you close the app.


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    Opps that means i had it connected all the time before the update
    Thank you



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