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    Wow, what a quick reply. Excellent! Thanks, godspeed3k, will try this out later today when our server begins to repopulate.

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    Thnx BAMBAM nice work on this, cant wait to fix the flashlights with this plugin

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    There's some comprehensive stuff on here that'll take a little bit to analyze so (godspeed) give me a day.

    I would like to also see a "Command"
    quick answer - we're thinking along the same lines - a potentially powerful undocumented feature of ProconRulz for quite a while is the "Exec" action, i.e. "Exec <rcon admin command>". It includes the ability to use %% variable substitutions in the command so although I've never tried this example you could kill or kick a player using "Exec admin.playerKick %p%". I created the feature with the idea of using admin commands to set server variables (specifically enabling vehicles on BFBC2 when teamsize got above a threshold) and the action works fine, but I discovered BFBC2 was only reading that particular variable at round start. There's always the (N+1)th feature that any user can recognise is missing and although the 'Exec' action DOES exist (lucky you) there isn't a way of parsing incoming rcon messages, so the admin commands are fire-and-forget. With the rcon message parser in effect I'd have written a complete replacement for Procon and there's a limit.

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    Just thinking of possible uses, the way you describe:

    On Say;Text !NextMap;Say Vote !voteyes to change to next map!;TargetAction Exec mapList.runNextRound
    On Say;Text !voteyes;Count 5;TargetConfirm
    On Say;Text !voteyes;Say Vote is currently %c% of 6 required votes!
    I am a bit unfamiliar with TargetAction and TargetConfirm, but if I got the context right, this code should call for a vote to change to the next map. Once 6 votes are received, the console command mapList.runNextRound would be executed. (not tested, but think I got it right).

    But you are also saying that Admin messages (any message send through procon) cannot be interpreted as an input to a plugin (to have it execute that plugin's command (that normally could be executed within the game))?

    Given that information, it seems that PRoConRulz wouldn't be able to send text to other plugins since they still would not be able to receive them (due to not being able to Parse PRoCon text). The only possible solution would to be able to insert text in game that other plugins interpret as though it was a player typing it in game (not sure its a function that is available).

    But thank you for the response, as the Exec Action does add alot of functionality, even with its limitations.

    Another Question: Does PRoConRulz allow for math functions to be executed?
    On Say;Text !NextMap;Say Vote !voteyes to change to next map!;TargetAction Exec mapList.runNextRound
    On Say;Text !voteyes;Count (%n%*8/10)-1;TargetConfirm
    On Say;Text !voteyes;Say Vote is currently %c% of (%n%*8/10) required votes!
    I know its a long shot, but with the function of (%n%*8/10) which is (%n%*2*4/10) I take the number of members of the smallest team times 2 to get the approximate total amount of players on server (did not see a servercount substitution). and multiply by 4/10 (40%). The result would require 40% to vote to have the server change maps.

    And final question for this post: would one player be able to type !voteyes the number of times needed to get this rule to pass, and if so, is there a way to limit the vote per person?

    Sorry if I am being a PIA, I tend to like finding unique ways of doing things. And yes, you have just about made a tool that can do almost anything.

    Edit: Tested the code above (top) and one player is able to resend !voteyes to advance the vote, but on the 6th vote nothing happened, so I must be missing something on what Exec actually does.
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    Is it possible to disable IRNV, 12g frag, and all vehicle perks? I want to run a server that doesn't allow these and was hoping this plug in would help me out.

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    BAMBAM can give you a definitive answer, but from what I understand, currently the answer is NO. BF3 servers are not currently sending information that would be needed to identify if a person is using a gadget, attachment, or perk. It might happen at some later time as DICE/EA sort out the RCON for BF3. Thi sis not a limitation for PRoCon or PRoConRulz, but the result of DICE not having finished the RCON system yet. (And I do hope it is "yet".)

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    still catching up with these messages -
    @BottomFeeders - ProconRulz has the functionality you need, but BF3 R9 is not yet sending the data you'd need. The ProconRulz plugin 'Details' page dynamically displays the current keys available - if you run it against a BFBC2 server you see a LOT of keys, including the type you want. If you run it against BF3 R9 there are 55 weapon keys only.

    @godspeed - my comment re BF3 rcon message parsing is more technical, referring to the text datastream that BF3 sends over the rcon interface, visible in the 'Console' window of Procon when you check 'show events'. You'll see an admin.killPlayer message go one way, and a 'OK' message come back. If you send a 'serverInfo' command (or listPlayers) then a more complex set of data is returned - THAT'S what I'm saying ProconRulz doesn't allow a rule to interpret. ProconRulz itself *is* monitoring the output from those particular commands, to update it's player list etc (and so is Procon itself).

    Whether another plugin can recognise the result of a plugins 'say' messages is more likely to do with the fact that that most plugins use the playername of the player that did the 'say'. If you pump in a say message with the admin.say command, the player name is 'Server' (I think, or maybe Admin) and plugins may ignore that playername for in-game admin to prevent loops occurring. ProconRulz has an 'On Say' trigger, but does not fire that trigger if the saying player is 'Server' for exactly that reason.

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    ...Nice idea. But I think the "confirm" command is only accepted by the "command" issueer. So Nobody will be able to respond to a "vote" except the one that strarted it. That topic came up earlier in bc2 about permissions and rights of public players vs accountholders.


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    That might be it, but I tested it, and if that was the case, my command should have still executed it in the test. What you say might prevent my example from working though, and the many options that go with being able to have players confirm.

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    On Say;Text !voteyes;Count 5;TargetConfirm ---> requires to confirm 6 times.
    On Say;Text !voteyes;Say Vote is currently %c% of 6 required votes! ---> should give response about alread done confirms.




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