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    Lightbulb iOS loin failure - BF3

    Just a tip for those that may come across this problem. I was unable to logon to my server via the Procon app for my iPhone. I use Game Servers for my GSP and was clearly using the correct logon credentials. After tinkering around, I noticed on the desktop Procon application under Server Settings -> Configuration there is an Admin password input text field. Apparently, this needs to be filled in prior to your iPhone app to work. Hope this helps someone.

    *Just noticed this post probably needs to be moved to the frostbite forum.
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    What I can generally say on the "login problems" topic is that with Procon for BFBC2 and MOH we had several people who addressed us with different kinds of issues. After they contacted us we managed to help all of them solve their problems. A variety of reasons for the login issues were involved but actually only one of them lead to the necessaty of a new version release to fix a bug in the App.

    Anyone with login problems - Don't get frustrated... please contact me on the iOS Procon forum.




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