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    Lightbulb [request] Show neutral (queued) players in scoreboard

    Given that Dice hasn't build reserved slots yet, and that Battlelog doesn't count player disconnections, only way to join a server with "ghost slots" (a server showing full in battlelog but with actually fewer players) is to kick somebody from neutral players list.
    We use procon for that in my clan, and would be very useful to have it in ios. Thank you.


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    Because is caused server crashes, Dice disabled the queue feature. There will be nothing to show until they correct the problem, if they ever do.

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    In the bottom left of the score board (on the pc version) there is a button, press this to see the neutral players.
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    As far as I know DICE is about to implement a working VIP-System and server waiting queues as per repeated requests from the community. If I implemented something now - like being able to kick neutral players - it would probably all have to be dumped again once these changes are in place. That is why I tend to think about this as a low priority issue at the moment.




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