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    Exclamation iOS Procon BF3 Edition 1.0 initial release info

    iOS Procon BF3 Edition version 1.0 is about to be released. At the time of writing it has been uploaded to the App Store and is awaiting further processing in Apple's App review queue.

    Due to certain restrictions of the rcon interface of the current BF3 server software (R8) some features of the App will have to be temporarily deactivated in the initial release:
    - The Battlemap will not work (like in Windows Procon) because the BF3 server (unlike the BFBC2 server) does not generate any kill coordinates at this time
    - The "Say" command will only be available in the console view and not in the player list because the BF3 server does not support sending chat messages to specific players at this time
    - The "Reserved slots list" will not be accessible because atm the BF3 server will simply ignore it anyway
    - The "Game Admin" list which was working in the beta is not working in the current BF3 server software and is therefore also deactivated
    All those features will be activated asap meaning as soon as the BF3 server supports them.

    Known bugs in version 1.0:
    - Banning players is not working because a change of command syntax in the rcon protocoll which was implemented by DICE a few days ago with R7. An update to fix that is on the way and will be available over the App Store soon.
    - Some server settings switches are not properly labeled and appear not to be working when connected via a layer server.

    Click here to check out the App on the store:

    Please post any bugs or problems you might encounter in the "iOS Procon" forum:
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    Yeah boyeeee.....just bought it..looking forward to firing it soon as I can get some people to populate my server.

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    LOL, same thing here btdown, empty server. App looks great though!

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    Very nicely done this app

    Can I ask what tools you used to create this app?

    Is it done in native xCode or something like Mono/C# or FlashBuilder?

    I am having a thought of trying to learn app creation but have no idea which is the best way to start....



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