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    Procon will only allow 2 + 2 as the lowest.

    Enter the commands at the console.

    Then fast forward your server to the next map (maybe only next round) and the reduced numbers will be active.

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    Order is important. I seems that if you have a higher restart than start, it will default out. If you set restart to 1 (so it resets if server is empty) or 0 (never resets once started) first, then set the start number to 1, it will correctly start the server with no player requirements. I have the following code on my server and in this order it works.

    # Minimum players before a current round aborts (int)
    vars.roundRestartPlayerCount "1"
    # How many players to start the round (int)
    vars.roundStartPlayerCount "1"

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    Quote Originally Posted by fk97440 View Post
    Hello does it work for you? When I put 1 for minimum to start the server automatically gives 8 minimum even though 1 is set up.
    yes it works for me , change it from mygameserver starup.

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    Winning! Ty found it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekkan View Post
    Can anyone verify as to if you change these settings, whether or not your server will work with the "Quick Match" function? I've heard people say that it basically takes your server out of the pool because it's not "standard". No idea if this is correct or not and hoping for some verification.
    Did anyone confirm this? I would like to lower the required number of players to start a 64 hardcore server, but I do not want to loose Quickmatch compatability

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    You cannot change this and keep the Quickmatch compatability - it says in the server manual for BF3 (not the procon manual).

    I use these in my startup.txt;

    vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 0
    vars.roundStartPlayerCount 2

    So it only requires 2 to start a game. It is set to Hardcore and you can still find it as a hardcore server.

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    this command works when the server is unranked when i make server ranked says (waiting for otherplayers)
    (needed 3 more players)

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    Quote Originally Posted by I_MAX2017 View Post
    this command works when the server is unranked when i make server ranked says (waiting for otherplayers)
    (needed 3 more players)
    Which is correct behaviour for a ranked server.
    Game nick Volo_Mortis
    Read the manual ?

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