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    Battlefield 3 Free update or paid?

    BF3 - Will I have to purchase a new app or will it be a free upgrade?

    This will determine if I buy now or wait till its released.

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    For BF3 there will be a completely new and remade version of iOS Procon. I've been working on it silently for the last month and as soon as the first tests with a real BF3 server are finished I'll release all the info about the new version on the blog. I don't want to promise too much but I really think most users of the current iOS Procon will absolutely freak out when they get their hands on the new stuff.

    But back to your question: If you buy it now you will not be able to update. But with the release of BF3 we plan a price reduction of the current version - maybe you want to check it out then...

    I hope this helps!




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