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    Ban by Name, EA GUID, or PB GUID?

    Decker, when I ban someone from our server using iOS Procon, it seems to do so only by name. With our server running Metabans, I understand the the EA GUID is the best to use for bans to propagate.

    Would it be difficult to add in the ability to ban by EA or PB GUID? Maybe a setting we can choose that make our selection permanent.

    Or maybe in the Player Detail section where we list a reason for the ban, where the name is grayed out, that could be a list box with their name, EA, and PB GUIDs as selections.

    Maybe something like this:

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    In fact iOS Procon as it is now does not deal much with the EA GUIDs and PB GUIDs. To improve the situation and have a solution with is also somewhat easy to implement I think iOS Procon could ban all players selected over the player list automatically by their EA GUID. A new patch will come up in the near future also fixing a bug with the plugin description view and some other minor stuff. I can't offer a release date for that now though because I'm still on to preparing heavily for BF3.


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    My preference would be a PB ban.... But I'm excited to hear you are working on BF3 !!



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