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    French Localization

    Hi everyone, I'd like to thank you for providing procon in such an ammount of languages. French translator has done almost a perfect job, but I guess some words or expressions have been added after his job such as "Stats lookup" (Google translation => "Statistiques de recherche"). A possible translation would be : "Consulter les stats".

    775. uscPlayerListPanel.ctxPlayerOptions.statsLookupToolStripMenuItem=Consulter les stats
    Also, although I don't know why this entry exists
    global.Weapons.uav1#smoke=UAV Fumée
    If you need some other expressions to be translated, I'm here !

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    Sorry for the delay of my answer

    I brought modifications at the translation

    If you have more suggestion do not hesitate to say it to me by PM like that one can make exchanges directly in French

    for the : ->> global.Weapons.uav1#smoke=UAV Fumée

    I prefer : ->> global.Weapons.uav1#smoke=Fumigène UAV (ou drone)



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