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    iPad beta testing?

    Decker, I'd be willing to beta test the iPad version of Procon if you need any help.

    Let me know.

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    Same here Decker, currently using the iPad 2, model A1395 using the most recent version of iOS.

    Quite happy to assist at anytime

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    Thank you very much for your offers, but a different sort of support would be more effective at the moment. I could use some temporary access to some well populated servers - either direct access or layer access - for BC2, Vietnam and MOH to do some further testing and debugging of the iPad App for myself at this stage of development. I would of cause not interact with the server in any way (meaning I would of cause NOT cycle through your maplist and then test-ban all 32 players or something ) - it's just about watching events, browsing lists etc. Your server wouldn't also be in any danger to crash or anything. If you would like to help - please send me a PM!

    Thank you all very much!
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